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ZEST GAN JIGS - The hottest micro jig yet

Lure fishing is constantly proving itself here in New Zealand and since the introduction of softbaits we have seen an onslaught of other options. Jigs are one of them and being fully addicted to artificial lure use they have played a huge part in this. Most anglers are aware that big size choice can have a much better chance of attracting a bigger fish. Yet during the many years of softbait use I soon discovered that small sizes can also produce the goods. With over ten years of jigging experience the same pattern is starting to occur with jigs. Jigging started with larger versions associated to mechanical techniques for kingfish. Soon I learnt that the same jigs also attracted other fish of various sizes although catching them was not that consistent. This changed when exploring other options like down scaling in size to jigs associated to slow pitch and micro. Since then my fishing hasn’t looked back and it’s fair to say a large amount of fishing time is spent using smaller jigs. They have also had their share of big fish which has further proven the potential of jigs like this. During the last few months even smaller jigs have taken preference and has continued to provide success with some surprising results. It’s hard for some anglers to fathom just how effective these type of jigs are yet they do play directly into the food chain and this has been proven time and time again. My activities haven’t gone unnoticed and a parcel turned up from BCS Enterprises with some new Zest Gan Jigs inside. It felt like opening a box of jewellery with the small size and finish on these jigs immediately catching my eye. The jigs are twenty eight grams and available in five colours. They have a quality finish you expect to find with Zest jigs and have nicely shaded detail including realistic eye on one side. The colour choice also gives plenty of options that will cater to the different preferences of fish on any given day. They are shaped for performance also with one side rounded and the other having a scalloped face. The jigs also come rigged with a twin assist hooks and although small in size are certainly solid enough. The hooks are extremely sharp with the design easily penetrating the fish and do so at the slightest amount of close contact.


The size and gauge is strong however some care is required when applying drag pressure when using them. Although these hooks look great straight out of the packet, personal preference is to use my own assist hook rigs. Finally a break in the weather meant these Gan Jigs could be put in front of some fish. Being winter it’s hard to know what to expect at this time of year and this situation would certainly put the jig to test. I started quite shallow in about twelve metres and observed the jigs action as it went down out of sight into the depths. Initially it went horizontal producing a flutter causing the bottom end to rise up above the top, then it proceeded to dive in a sliding action while moving in a circle motion. It travelled down at a medium to fast rate yet this speed can be regulated by how quick the line comes off the reel. Adding a pause of the line by thumbing the spool causes the Gan Jig to stall and flutter. This sinking action also allowed them to be fished in a wide range of depths with my use covering right up to twenty seven metres deep during the session. Being more interested in getting the jig down to the fish I let it sink down directly below to the sea floor and was rewarded instantly with a legal snapper. What followed this was an amazing six hour session dedicated to using the Gan jig. With many of the snapper around legal size and some smaller, I had to keep looking for the better table fish. The green Gan jig consistently produced snapper no matter what method was used although it did receive a lot of attention when at rest also. At one stage the jig hung just above the sea floor with rod placed under my leg so lunch could be eaten. It didn’t take long for a snapper to be connected. The success continued with a few better snapper staying on board when something of size found it. By now the jig had caught well over twenty five snapper and one of them was in the double figures. Despite this the jig showed minimal damage from the snapper’s powerful jaw and teeth. Changing to the silver colour immediately the same results followed and the continued success soon filled the bin but best of all an even bigger snapper than the first. The session has left me pumped for more trials of the Zest Gan Jig and with spring snapper about to happen its clear this jig is going to account for many more in the future. Its size and shape matches well to local baitfish so I have no doubt other species will also be attracted to them. With the twenty eight gram size already proving deadly I can’t wait for other sizes to follow.SEE MORE ON ZEST GAN JIGS HERE