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We use and recommend the Ocean Kayak brand for many reasons. When it comes to development and manufacture they are leading the way with their sit on-top range.

Cutting edge hull and deck designs put Ocean Kayak ahead of others and this is why they are the most popular sit on-top kayak in the world, with a model available to suit most budgets and level of experience.

Why a sit on-top? Stability, self-bailing scupper holes, storage, provision for equipment and catch, fish finder capable, perfect platform to fish and dive from.

TAKE A TEST PADDLE - We can take your preferred fishing kayaks to a local beach with safe waters close to Coromandel Town so you can chose the right kayak for you.

Current fishing kayak models available:

  • Ocean Kayak Scrambler 11
  • Ocean Kayak Trident 4.1
  • Old Town Predator 13
  • Ocean Kayak Tetra 12 Angler
  • Ocean Kayak Big Game II
  • Old Town Predator XL
  • Ocean Kayak Trident 4.3
  • Ocean Kayak Trident 4.7
  • Phoenix Kayaks Hornet

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